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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best Beaches In The World | Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands is an archipelago of islands surrounded by lush coral reefs of indescribable beauty. Here, you can find the best beaches in the world. The varied landscape of Fiji is silhouetted on the horizon with its green volcanic outcrops, while the waters teem with cobalt blue Pacific Ocean corals colorful and varied sea ​​creatures. These fabulous views of Fiji Islands are only a part of the beauty of these islands. So, these islands are in top beaches in the world .
Extraordinary are also the Fijian people, tirelessly warm and spontaneous.
From the geographical point of view, the archipelago which includes the Fiji Islands, is located east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga, south of Tuvalu and includes about 322 islands, of which 106 are permanently inhabited and 522 other small islands. Due to their small size, Fiji is perhaps the easiest destination to visit throughout the South Pacific.

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Viti LevuFiji’s largest island, has a central role in the country, hosting the main industries, the majority of commercial activity and the seat of political bodies. Here lives about 75% of the total population of the state.
Suva, the largest city of the South Pacific and the capital of FIJI, is a sultry and lively cultural and culinary.
In Fiji Islands, a series of cozy resort extends to the south, along the Coral Coast, in front of a beautiful coral reef located just offshore.

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Off the coast of Pacific Harbour, a 64 km long barrier reef encloses the beautiful Beqa Lagoon, famous worldwide for its fabulous dive sites, including Side Streets and Caesar’s Rocks. Diving enthusiasts come together to surfers who are eager to grapple with the big waves to the left of the Frigate’s Passage, also known asKavu Kavu Reef. At the center of the lagoon there are the beautiful islands of Beqa and YANUCA, atolls virtually untouched.
A short distance from VITI LEVU is the tiny Nananu-i-Ra, an island of just 3.5 square kilometers and a landscape that presents a very different atmosphere than the rest of the country. Here, in Fiji Islands, you will find extensive beaches, coves and jagged soft grassy hills to admire the Nakauvadra Range, the volcanic mountain range of Viti Levu.

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In the group of Fiji Islands, very beautiful is the Mamanuca group of islands also. Here you can find beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters which offer superb opportunities for snorkeling, diving and surfing. Many of them welcome visitors who participate in day trips from Nadi and Lautoka close, while for longer stays, the islands have a wide range of resorts to suit all pockets.
Belong to the Mamanuca group of South Sea Island is a tiny flat and sandy island once known as Aqualand, Bounty Island. This is among the best destinations for those traveling by economy. Beachcomber Island is entirely occupied by a resort surrounded by a beautiful beach. Navini is a small round shaped island surrounded by colorful coral reefs. Malolo is the second largest island of the group size, Castaway Island, fringed by coral and also known as Qalito.
There are a lot more beautiful islands like : treasure island, dolphin island, laucala island, turtle island, and plantation island .
All these Fiji islands have very famous beaches, Best beaches in the world .
Generally, each island or group is characterized by its own calendar of festivals and events, but a quite important national event is the Diwali festival, which takes place in late October or early November at best. During the celebrations of the “Festival of Lights” the atmosphere is very lively and stimulating, with thousands of people take to the streets lit by candles and lanterns, signs pointing the way which leads to divinity.

Best Beaches In The World | Zlatni Rat, Croatia

The most spectacular beach of the Croatian coast is 580 m long and is called “Zlatni Rat” (Golden Horn).  It is located on the Brac island and has a unique shape like a lying tongue into sea. For sure is one of the best beaches in the world in 2012. The beauty of this landscape offers a variety of sports and tourists attractions for all the people who enjoy the water sports, the sun, the beach and restaurants.
The beach is protected by high safety nets, and only the tip of the beach is free for surfers (many international competitions are held here)
Zlatni Rat has a very clean water, transparent (due to the fact that the sea bed is of gravel, not sand ). When the sea is calm, the water visibility can reach up to 10 meters.
At Zlatni Rat, as well as throughout the island of Brac, there are pine forests. Pine is a species that is found only in this area.
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They say that the air, here, is very clean because, on the island there are so few cars and less pollution. It is a combination of the salty sea air and  the pine perfume and is very beneficial to those with diseases.

All along the island there are a lot of nice terraces (Bol’s center is pedestrian), where you can choose to drink your morning coffee, to have lunch or enjoy an evening cocktail.
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