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Thursday, July 8, 2010

America's 2010 Best Beach: Coopers Beach, Southampton, New York

Coopers Beach Southampton New York: 2010 Best Beach In The US Coopers Beach, located in Southampton New York was recently declared the best beach in the US. The beach features a stretching shoreline. It was chosen during a survey from a number of beach goers from around the nation. The survey was conducted in 2010, and featured a number of criteria that the individuals who took part in the survey would then rate. The study was conducted by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman. He is considered to be an expert on US beaches, and has done a large number of studies on the different beaches that are spread around the country.

Some of the criteria that was used in the studio included the water cleanliness, air and water temperature, sand color, rockiness of the beach, tidal range, buildings and various views that can be seen around the coastline. In the end, Coopers Beach came out at the top of the list to the surprise of many who have since seen the study. Many have found it odd that a beach in New York would be chosen as the best beach in the country with so many extravagant beaches in Florida, California, and in other coastal states.

Other beaches that rounded out the top ten include Coronado Beach in San Diego, CA; Cape Hatteras in North Carolina; Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki Hawaii; Coast Guard Beach in Massachusetts; Beachwalker Park in South Carolina, Hamoa Beach in Hawaii; Siesta Beach in Sarasota; and Cape Florida State Park, located in Florida.
Coopers Beach marks another destination that tourists will likely be visiting as they make their summer trips to New York, in light of the recent study.

America's 2010 Best Beach #2: Siesta Beach, Sarasota, Florida

Winner of the "Worlds finest, whitest sand," Siesta Key Public Beach extends along a half-mile of the most pristine white sands in the world. The pure quartz, pulverized to a fine powder, has a magical quality. There is no sand quite like Siesta's, anywhere. Even under the burning subtropical sun, it feels cool to the touch. Siesta Key has received many honors for it’s powdery white-sand beaches including recognition as one of “America’s Best Beaches”; “Third Best Walking Beach in the USA,” by USA Today International Edition; and “The Best of the Best Sand,” by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

Lifeguards watch over Siesta Key Public Beach all year, and there are tennis, volleyball, softball and food concession facilities provided. Picnic pavilions are available for groups at a nominal fee. Water sports of every kind add color and excitement to the Siesta Beach scene. The 800-car parking lot is frequently full, for this is the most popular beach in Sarasota County. For information on renting picnic shelters and gazebos call (941) 316-1172.

 Siesta Key Public Beach amenities include: 
. public restrooms, snackbar & gift shop 
. showers and handicap ramps 
. picnic areas with & without roofs 
. picnic shelters & tables (8 - family size shelters) 
. gazebo (holds uo to 60 people) 
. large shelter (holds uo to 120 people) 
. free lighted public tennis courts 
. volleyball courts (on the beach) 
. 20 station fitness trail 
. playground equipment 
. lifeguards on duty year round 
. handicap beach chairs/wheel chairs available 
. first aid 

At the southern end of Siesta Key is Turtle Beach. The sand here is a bit coarser, but that means the shelling is better. Turtle Beach is also quieter, and although there are no lifeguards or food concessions, families appreciate its comparative solitude and numerous facilities plenty of picnic tables, pavilions with grills, ample parking, and playground equipment. 

Crescent Beach, usually a little less crowded, has the same fine, white sand. Located just south of Siesta Key Public Beach, it stretches for about one and a half miles toward a place called Point of Rocks, where scuba divers explore the underwater scenery. 

Palmer Point Beach begins at the southern tip of Siesta Key and continues onto the north end of Casey Key. The northern part of the beach was the former home of Mote Marine Laboratory. Since the closing of Midnight Pass in 1984, the beach allows uninterrupted walking all the way down Casey Key. The beach is a popular spot for boaters and people who walk there from Turtle Beach seeking some privacy. There are no lifeguards and no facilities. 

Our excellent climate encourages outdoor recreation of all kinds. Whether you want to be an active participant or an avid spectator, you'll find most varieties of sport right here on the key, in Sarasota County, or nearby in the Bay area.

America's 2010 Top Beach #4: Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Hatteras Island is the perfect combination of natural world and vacation world.
If you love being outdoors and in the natural world, you will love it on Hatteras Island. It feels like a real island retreat. Its vibe is much different from the northern Outer Banks even though it has many of the same vacation offerings. Hatteras has everything you need for a comfortable vacation: restaurants, grocery stores, shops, outfitters, rental homes and hotels. But Cape Hatteras on the whole has a much more laid-back attitude, probably due to its popularity with outdoorsy types and the water sports crowd. It’s more relaxed, a little simpler and definitely slower paced.
Cape Hatteras offers a simple lifestyle in tune with nature and connected to the roots of its history. It is a magnet for those who love surfing, kite boarding, wind surfing, fishing, birding, paddling, camping, scuba diving and the beach, for many reasons — mild temperatures for about nine months of the year, abundant and accessible ocean and sound beaches and numerous outfitters.
About 75 percent of Hatteras Island is in its nearly natural barrier island state thanks to Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, impressive sand dunes, wide beaches, thick maritime forest and vast marshlands. Much of this land is accessible to the public for activities like fishing, water sports and observing nature. The National Seashore offers undeveloped ocean and sound beaches where eco-friendly outdoor recreation is encouraged and wildlife can be seen in its natural habitat. Hatteras Island’s seven villages cater to visitors with hotels and motels, rental homes from the luxurious to the simple, restaurants from family style to upscale contemporary, locally owned shops offering just about everything you could need and outdoor activities for everyone. Whether you’re staying on the island for the duration of your vacation or just visiting for a day, you’ll be astounded by the natural, cultural and recreational opportunities here.
Hatteras Island has changed a lot in the four decades since it was connected by bridge to the northern Outer Banks. In that time, visitation has steadily increased so that the island economy is now almost entirely centered on tourism dollars. But the most dramatic changes on Hatteras Island have really occurred in the last five or so years as developers have scooped up the last remaining island properties and built thousands of new, luxury rental homes, luring more tourists who in turn require more amenities like shopping centers, restaurants and things to do. You’ll find everything you need on Hatteras for a great vacation, whether you want a quiet vacation or an active one.

America's 2010 Best Beach #5: Main Beach, East Hampton, New York

Another beautiful beach in this area of New York is Main Beach in East Hampton. And you’ll find that the locals have built around it in a way that showcases the shoreline. Little environmental impact means you’ll have a long, pristine beach to walk along and surf. Main Beach has been a getaway for wealthy New Yorkers (and others who happen to know the secret) because it is off the beaten path. Because the composition of the sand is quartz, you get some nice dunes in the area along with clean, clear water.

Since Dr. Beach put this lovely beach at number 5 for 2010, you’re bound to see weekend tourists which means if you, too plan to make a trip, know that the beach may be a little crowded then. This is a real clean beach which I think you’ll enjoy and want to come back to. Because of the location, it gets cold here in the winter, but locals say that it is special even then.

Fireworks are set on Main Beach each year and you can find out when by checking with the city website. Take the camera when you visit because it is as picturesque as a painting here, almost year-round. Wide sand here makes it bigger than most other beaches on Long Island. Lifeguards are on duty, most which are surfers and know this water well.

A nice boardwalk borders the beach and you’ll find full facilities that will be some of the cleanest in the state. Make sure you check out the local Chowder Bowl snack bar which is popular with its menu of hot dogs and french fries.

One word about the parking here. It is by permit only. Permits are free for residents which mean the spaces will be mostly all full in summer. But work your way around and you’ll find that even if you’re a good walk, it will be well worth it. Locals love the area near Ocean Avenue where the sand is super clean and powdery.

Beach Index:

- We warned you about the parking, sorry.
- Can get windy.
- Put down anywhere on the beach, it’s super clean.
- Facilities at all parking entrances.
- Local snack bar.

America's 2010 Top Beach #6 - Kahanamoku Beach, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

Kahanamoku Beach has been named the 6th best beach in America by Dr. Beach for 2010. This is a beach that we honored in our surfing beach area because it is named after Duke Paoa Kahanamoku who was an Olympic swimmer Gold Medal winner and who many call the “Father of Modern Surfing.” There is a beach named in his honor near the Ala Wai boat harbor (see the Google Map below) and the Hilton Hawaiian Village catamaran pier. There is also a very cool statue of Duke and a live video feed direct from Hawaii which you can watch.

The cool thing about this beach which is really easy to get to, is that it is protected by a offshore reef, just out there away, that makes this one of the many perfect family beaches on Oahu.

But Dr. Beach goes further and also requires cleanliness and clear water. Kahanamoku Beach has both, plus the palm trees that shade the grassy area just behind the beach is perfect for setting up a picnic. The beach is at Uluniu Avenue and Kalakaua Avenue.

The beach is wide here, but if you go in the water remember to wear reef walkers. The bottom is rocky in most places. You can swim, canoe and sail here and further out past the reef, you can surf. It can get busy here because this is the same area that a lot of the local sunset cruises and the famous Atlantis submarine departs from.

If you’re here on a Friday you’re in for a treat. The City of Honolulu puts on a fireworks show called the “Kings Jubilee” along with a torch lighting ceremony free right on the beach. If you can’t make it, you can watch it on the live web cam.

America's 2010 Top Beach #7: Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Who knew an old, weathered Coast Guard Station would birth the number 7 beach on Dr. Beach’s list of the top 10 beaches in America for 2010. Yet it did and with good reason. Easy to get to, which means it can get crowded, Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod is one of those places where two forces of nature meet. You have what looks to be an old glacial cliff and the remaining sand as it fingers its way around to form a beach area.

From the Coast Guard Station you’ll see the view everyone talks about and takes pictures of. You’re looking at the Nauset Spit barrier sand bars and bay. The water is chilly here, even in the summer, because of the way the currents come close to shore.

Depending on the hurricane season, the beach can become quite eroded. But with time and a little help it comes back and it’s nice. Normally in spring the beach is still recovering from whatever happened over fall and winter. Summertime brings the beach into full swing and it well worth going to. Dr. Beach knows his stuff, no?

Now one thing Dr. Beach doesn’t mention is how a beach will fair for bugs. We’ve had a few reports of bugs here around dusk so if you’re coming to see a sunset, make sure you bring a little citronella spray.

Parking is a tad on the expensive side, but people say it’s worth it. Plan on spending up to $20 to park and the walk about 5 minutes to the shore. Look for seals in the water here; the kids will love helping spot them.

Beach Index:

- Coarse sand, steep slope
- Lots to do, walk and enjoy nature
- Chilly water in summer
- Facilities

America's 2010 Top Beach #8: Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island, South Carolina got Dr. Beach’s nod for the number 8 beach of 2010 in America. And if you know a little about South Carolina, you’ll know it’s one of the best places to play golf and tennis. With the layout of the barrier islands around the Carolinas there are literally dozen of nature walks and kayak and canoe paths where you can see thousands of birds and other wildlife. But let’s get to the beach.

Beachwalker Park is a small part of the great Kiawah beach area. The nice thing about it is that along with its beauty, there are restrooms, lifeguards, and a snack bar in the summer. The park is designed for families with a nice walk area along what is called Captain Sam’s Spit.

Here you will see nature at its finest with untouched beach and shoreline. And if you can bring your bike, you’ll have even more fun as there are trails that take you just about everywhere on Kiawah. If you want to park in the park, there is a $7 fee.

Memorial Day fills the park and unless you come very early, you won’t find parking.

Beachwalker Park beach is clean and the view is beautiful. When you’re up for eating, Kiawah Island has many restaurants to try out. We enjoyed the Fresh Market Village Shoppes and again, the bike trails make everything fun, if you bring a bike. If you don’t – there is a bike shop on the island that rents bikes. If you have the time, there is also a kayak rental near the bike shop.

Cottages and resorts fill up quickly around holidays, but call around to get a good price. Beachwalker Park is worth a visit and is why Dr. Beach put it on his list this year.

Beach Index:

- Atlantic beach with compacted tan sand
- Rent or bring a bike, many trails that are fun
- Stay a week or longer if you can
- Family fun beach with facilities

America's 2010 Top Beach #10: Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne, Florida

Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne, Florida

At the south end of Key Biscayne, right off of the city of Miami is Cape Florida State Park and a beach that makes Dr. Beach’s number 10 spot on the list for 2010 of Best Beaches in America. The color of the water is breathtaking and clear and because of an outlaying reef and shallows, the surf is gentle and inviting. The whole family can swim here. And with the Cape Florida Lighthouse as a backdrop, you’re assured a picturesque beach you won’t soon forget.

On days when there is heavy surf offshore, there can be a little seaweed/seagrass wash up. It’s not something you’d stay away from, however. It costs $1.50 toll on the causeway that will take you to Key Biscayne and once here, you’ll pay another $8 for entering the park.

Because you’re in Miami, this beach will get a little crowded around holidays.

You’ll forget you’re in the Miami area though when you arrive. Expect clear water and lots of places to bike. Rent a bike, or one of those 4-person Surrey bikes and have some fun. You can bring lunch and use the picnic tables to eat, or if you rent a pavilion, you can stay the day and grill right in the park. With the nature trails that run through the park you’ll think you’re in the Keys. There are iguanas on the key, but the park ranger said they don’t bother humans.

Since showers are available, you can swim in the blue waters, play a bit and shower off, then just drive to your hotel or home. On the way out on the causeway you can actually stop by the fishing boats and buy fish for your meal tomorrow!

You can also tour the Cape Florida Lighthouse (1852) and walk to the top where you can see the Miami skyline.

Beach Index:

- Sand is white/tan quartz/coral mix
- Many people complain about the sea grass that washes ashore here (see pictures)
- Convenient from Miami
- Full facility park, restaurants on island
- Stop by fish boats off causeway to buy fish
- Can get real full on weekends and holidays

Beaches of Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the center of tourism and trade. Most of the tourists that come to UAE choose to spend their holidays in this emirate and the city of Dubai. The Bay of Dubai is in the heart of the city and it defines its characteristic appearance.
Al Mamzar Beach Park. Located on the border between the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah, the park occupies a huge territory.
It is almost always half empty, despite the magnificent beaches and an abundance of different facilities for sports and recreation.
You can find fabulous green gardens, a large amphitheater, BBQ area, a hall with slot machines, children's playgrounds with slides and swings. There are seven beaches on the territory of the green park.
On weekdays it is quite easy to find a secluded corner with a warm, clean sand, while on Fridays the whole park is full of laughter and loud voices of the locals residents and visitors from India who enjoy their well-deserved holidays.
The beaches are spacious, well equipped with showers and toilets, as well as sun umbrellas made of palm leaves.
Gantut Beach is a fairly long and clean sandy beach, located near the island of Palm Jebel Ali, 4 km from the Hotel Jebel Ali Hotel & Spa.
The water here is crystal clear, calm and quiet and the privacy is guaranteed. The obvious pluses are the showers and shade canopies made of palm branches.
Jumeirah is the most popular beach in Dubai with the sand light like a feather, very white, where you can safely swim, enjoying the warm water and gentle sun. Before you find yourself at Jumeirah Beach Park, you will have to overcome a few hundred meters of landscaped gardens. The park is popular for its convenient platform for a family barbecue, children's play areas, but if you really want to rest alone with nature, try not to get to this beach on a Friday afternoon.
Kite beach located in Umm Suqeim between the sailing club and the fishing village (just behind the Mirage Art Centre). There are no facilities on this beach where happy fathers fly kites with their children, and tanned young ladies enjoy the sun. It is famous for gusty winds and a huge open space, an ideal environment for those who do not accept the laws of gravity and likes to fly.
Abu Dhabi, the capital city stretches along the lifeless sand and parched rivers on the Persian Gulf. This is the largest and richest of the emirates. The city of Abu Dhabi is located on the island and separated from the mainland by a narrow strait which is a city park.
Bahrain is a wonderful island located 40 minutes from the coast of Abu Dhabi. You can get there by a charter boat. The journey becomes an adventure of viewing seven miles of wild white sandy beaches.
Jebel Danat is an uninhabited beach situated 400 kilometers from Dubai with calm clean sea water. Since the beach is only yours it makes sense to think about sun umbrellas. It has shallow water 50 meters from the shore which makes this coast ideal for a holidays with children.

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