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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5-Day Quick getaway (US$400/person) - Hundred Islands/Bolinao/Pinatubo/Manila
10 Day Northern Discovery (US$800/person) - Banaue/Sagada/Ilocos Norte and Sur/Pinatubo/Manila
15 Day Philippine Escape (US$1200/person) - Banaue / Sagada / Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur/ Mount Pinatubo / Manila PLUS your choice of BORACAY or PALAWAN

PM us now for full details!
If you are group of 6-10 pax ready to go, you can choose your own dates! We will even knock $50 off for each person.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Best Beaches In Africa | Seychelles

The 158 islands that form the Republic of Seychelles are considered the most beautiful from Indian Ocean. The archipelago included in top beaches in the world, spoiled by a tropical climate offers indescribable views. You can spend your stay in Seychelles swimming in crystal clear waters or simply lazing on the beaches almost deserted. In terms of food, you really need to try different specialties prepared by African chefs in front of you.

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Transport in Seychelles: a plane ticket, along with airport taxes, cost between 800 and 1500 euros, depending on the company.
Accommodation in Seychelles: Accommodation can be found from 700 euros for seven nights / 3 star hotel until2500, in luxury hotels.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best Beaches In Australia | Fraser Island

Located in Queensland,Fraser Island, one of top beaches in the world, is the largest island in the world covered with sand and beach houses a wonderful holiday destination preferred by tourists from around the world. What makes Fraser Islandunique in the world is 1000 years old forests, which grow directly from the sand. 

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Besides the beauty of the beaches on the island you can admire many spectacular lakes, an example being a red lacquer (color due to tannins). On Fraser island, you can find a nature reserve, which is part of the heritage, an area of ​​approximately 1600 square miles of paradise untouched by man.

Best Beaches In Australia | Aroa, Cook Islands

Instead of wasting your time and money on a cheap beach in 2012 summer, at least once in a life time you deserve to treat and arm yourself with the money needed to make a trip at one of the best beaches in the world. Destination: Captain Cook Islands. There, at the end of the world, beyond East and West civilizations, are waiting a lot of lagoons bluer than any sky you have seen. Aroa Beach is a heaven for any tourist in the world. Don’t waste your time and go on Cook Islands in 2012 summer, or even in 2013.

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Located near Ratoronga, Aroa Beach can always win the category of “the whitest sandy beach on Earth”. Aroa adorns a coral atoll so beautiful that even time seems to have stunned here, admiring it from the beginning of  the time. In addition, on Aroa Beach, are coming just the richest people in the world, and for activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing, you need tens of approvals. All the time the tourists are discreet watched on Aroa beach,  and if you throw trash on the beach or in water, or destroy the environment, or disturb other visitors, you will be urgently disposed, after a stinging fine. In addition, for several years, you will not have the right to come on this beach anymore. So, you will miss the sand of one of the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Beaches in Europe | Zlatni Rat, Croatia

The most spectacular beach of the Croatian coast is 580 m long and is called “Zlatni Rat” (Golden Horn).  It is located on the Brac island and has a unique shape like a lying tongue into sea. For sure is one of the best beaches in the world in 2012. The beauty of this landscape offers a variety of sports and tourists attractions for all the people who enjoy the water sports, the sun, the beach and restaurants.
The beach is protected by high safety nets, and only the tip of the beach is free for surfers (many international competitions are held here)
Zlatni Rat has a very clean water, transparent (due to the fact that the sea bed is of gravel, not sand ). When the sea is calm, the water visibility can reach up to 10 meters.
At Zlatni Rat, as well as throughout the island of Brac, there are pine forests. Pine is a species that is found only in this area.
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They say that the air, here, is very clean because, on the island there are so few cars and less pollution. It is a combination of the salty sea air and  the pine perfume and is very beneficial to those with diseases.

All along the island there are a lot of nice terraces (Bol’s center is pedestrian), where you can choose to drink your morning coffee, to have lunch or enjoy an evening cocktail.
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