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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best Beaches In Europe | Navagio, Zakynthos

It is one of the most popular and exclusive beaches of Greece and also one of the best beaches in the world. Located on the island of Zakynthos, the third largest of the Ionian islands, Navagio beachseems rather a glimpse of paradise, isolated from the rest of civilization, of which only the privileged have the chance to enjoy. The beach is accessible only by boat, but that does not stop thousands of tourists to venture to this hidden corner of the world, to enjoy the sandy beach and clear blue sea water.
Another attraction of the beach, near the dream picture offered by nature, is the ship wreck Scottish Panagiotis, failed to shore in 1980. Nobody knows exactly how did this ship on the beach, although legends did not delay to appear. Built in Scotland in 1937, the ship changed its name several times over time, ending up as Panagiotis, famous ship cigarette smugglers and Italian mobsters. Some voices claim that the ship failed during a chase with the Greek Coast Guard vessels, crew later disappeared without a trace. Another version of the story says the ship was sunk near the shore of the same Coast Guard, waves and then throwing it ashore. Last, and perhaps the least romantic story, says the ’80 Greek tourism minister, gave orders that wreck to be taken especially on the beach, to attract more tourists.
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Navagio is unlike anything. It’s overwhelming. It’s a place where beauty seems unreal, where white beach with small polished pebbles meets the purest turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.
All around, like cathedrals, stately limestone cliffs that form a nearly vertical wall, hugging Creek, giving you the feeling that you step on a land of … story . Great toNavagio is absolutely incredible. The sun and the sea gets shades of blue, and sunlight filtered by rocks seems a photographic effect. Landscape is that simple beauty and magic of Greece, fancy colors white and blue, causing pure emotion. When boats dock in the bay, the words seem to dissolve in the salty air and can only murmur: “wow.” Pinches you convince yourself that is real and you have plunged into a heavenly space, fashioned by your imagination.
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Listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Navagio, found in the northwest island of Zakynthos is one of the iconic images of the island even in Greece.
Also known as Shipwreck Beach or Pirates Bay, Navagio is cold, because marine currents and white stones hurt your feet. The aura of legend that surrounds it, makes you think of princesses kidnapped by pirates. The best times to visit is either early morning, with a rented boat (because most vessels are departing after 10 am and arriving in golf around noon) or after 16 hours, when the heat subsides and the water gets shades of ink . May and September, when the flow of tourists is low compared to the rest of the year, are ideal for a trip to Navagio. The Wild Creek there is no water source, so you must take supplies.

Best Beaches In Asia | Bali Island

Sheltered in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali Island, one of the best beaches in the world, is a blend of harmony, dance, mystery and natural splendor. Few places on earth celebrates life with such vitality like Bali Island . From the moment of arrival, guests are assaulted by an intense concentration of color, sights, smells, sounds and tastes. Friendly people from Bali Island calls the tourists ‘tamu’, a term which means guests and welcomes them.
Exotic and full of diversity, the Bali  island is so picturesque that it can be compared to a painting: volcanoes climb to the clouds and terraced rice fields down to the ocean. The great Indian politician, Jawaharlal Nehru, called the island “morning world”.
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In Bali Island, the natural landscape combines with the splendor of luxury hotels, chic bars and restaurants with internationally recognized. Also, Bali Island is the area that gather the largest concentration of thermal waters around Southeast Asia. This peace of heaven is not only dedicated to pampering the body, but also finding the inner balance. Bali Island is an ideal destination for those seeking to banish fatigue, stimulate the senses and to awaken their spirit.
Bali Island is an ideal place to spend an enviable vacation. The most luxurious tourist facilities are intertwined with the mystical colorful festivals, accompanied by music and folk dances. Bali Island is not only one of the 18,000 islands of Indonesia, it is also an exotic paradise, a tropical island known for its culture and traditions preserved over the ages. Among the natural attractions of the island you can find extensive sandy beaches, volcanoes over 3,000 meters high, rapid rivers, sacred caves and lush rainforest.
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Various Bali Island  beaches:
Legian – beautiful beach on the north coast of the Bali island where the dolphins are at home; beautiful sunsets are favorite subjects of photographers
Jimbaran – a quite beach, highly sought after the open of Four Seasons Hotel
Kuta – is the most animated beach of the Bali island (it was the favorite beach of hippies from 60s generation)
Tuhan – beach where you can find all major hotels, is between the airport and Kuta
Uluwatu – favorite beach for surfing on Bali Island
Sanur – the most famous beach on the east coast of Bali island, 20 minutes from Kuta, a beach ideal for snorkeling
Nusa Dua – beach with great hotel some of which have private beaches
Nusa Lembongan – is the most popular destination for a day cruise in Bali Island
Padang Bai – is the port where cruise ships returning from Lombok
Candi Dasa – on the east coast of the Bali island, a beach eroded due to corals
Lovina – a quiet beach with fine sand
Tanaj Lot – located on the west coast, a beach for advanced surfers.
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Hospitable and friendly people, stunning flora and fauna, miles of sunny beaches, a pleasant climate and culture fascinating, very different from ours, are just some of the things that make Bali a place so special. Once you get there you start to smell the tropical flowers and hear in the distance traditional music. In Bali Islands, magical atmosphere is complemented by traditional costumes and objects of art that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.
Bali is a very small island, one of the 1,600 inhabited islands of Indonesia, measuring 90 kilometers from north to south and 140 kilometers from east to west. It is, therefore, easy to explore the island with day trips, to visit numerous tourist attractions and also to admire the mountainous terrain, with many active volcanoes. High waves hitting the coasts of Bali Island, make an impressive show and the scenery is complemented by fast rivers, caves, deep terraces and rice crops in tropical forests full of exotic animals and birds.
Balinese art is more complex than any other in the world, attracting crowds of passionate for culture in art galleries and museums. Architecture temples, teak wood statues, carved painstakingly sarcophagi are some of the traditional items that you really admire. You should not leave there without a batik, painted material using a special technique (apply wax or other substance impervious to areas not affected by paint) or without seeing rituals and traditional dances. Kecak is the most famous traditional Balinese dance and Wayang is a very important type of theater for the locals, which debate the struggle between good and evil. Gamelan, Indonesia specific music is different in Bali, compared to other regions. Balinese Gamelan accompanies dances and rituals and is played with traditional instruments: bamboo flute, drum made of wood and leather kendang goat and Kemp gong.
Water sports enthusiasts will have serious work in Bali. You can swim in quiet coves, you can make boating, water skiing, wind surfing and other water-related sports. In Bali Island, Young locals are masters of surf, so if you do not have the courage to take lessons from them can sit on the shore watching them. Surf experts around the world come to Bali to find places with great difficulty which offers true challenges for them.
But most fans come to Bali Island for a great dive. A lot of companies are scrambling to offer tourists special equipment and experienced guides. Best places for diving are on the east coast of the island near cities Candi Dasa, Amed and Tulamben. If you get the best guidance you can see, along with colorful exotic fish, coral, sharks, whales, crustaceans, sponges, some wrecks of ships sunk.
For those who are afraid to do diving, but do not want to miss the show from the depths, there are underwater for a marine safari. Submarine reach up to 21 feet deep and because they have huge underwater windows, you can make photos of the marine plants and animals, including sharks.
Nobody leaves Bali Island without making at least some holiday shopping. Ancient art objects, furniture traditional gold and silver jewelry, textiles, statues, masks and other decorations and souvenirs can be found in the region of Kuta and Sukawati market.

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