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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best Beaches In Australia | Fraser Island

Located in Queensland,Fraser Island, one of top beaches in the world, is the largest island in the world covered with sand and beach houses a wonderful holiday destination preferred by tourists from around the world. What makes Fraser Islandunique in the world is 1000 years old forests, which grow directly from the sand. 

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Besides the beauty of the beaches on the island you can admire many spectacular lakes, an example being a red lacquer (color due to tannins). On Fraser island, you can find a nature reserve, which is part of the heritage, an area of ​​approximately 1600 square miles of paradise untouched by man.

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aliah said...

Australia counts with many beaches..thousands of them..If you are traveling Australia then You’ll find world class waves, a wide beach..i like the pictures that you have shared here..beautifully captured in camera..:-)
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