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Monday, March 17, 2008


It is the grandest finale to the greatest show on earth. It is shown everyday, smooth like clockwork. It is predictable at times but more often it has a twist of glory that leaves the heart yearning for more… more time even for just a few seconds. Although it is one of the most photographed events, it does not cost a penny to be viewed.

It is the great sunset. Bright afternoon skies that gradually change into playful hues of yellow subduing into oranges, reds, purples and blues before finally fading into the darkness. White cotton clouds that give character to the bluest skies become splashes of color and eventually become the shadows that they cast.

For those who have the luxury of time to stop and marvel it – there is a gift of mixed emotions and feelings. Peaceful complexity and unleashed tranquility in a throbbing, shrouding, empowering calm and heart pounding contentment that validates the presence of a Creator.

Sunset signals the end of the day for many and the beginning for more. For those who have called it a day, the promise of rest, quality time with loved ones, sleep. For those who have just begun, bright lights, gatherings, parties, excitement.

In a modern world when time has become a commodity or even a luxury , appreciating the sunset has given way to rush hours and overtime.

Filipinos are one of the few people blessed with beautiful sunsets in more days of the year. With 7,107 islands across the archipelago, the version of this show from one place is just as spectacular as next door. Whether viewed from the white sandy beaches of Boracay or from the pine tree lined peaks for Baguio, The suns magnificent rays never fail to breathe awe into people’s lungs. The fabled and glorified sunsets of Manila Bay helped put the Philippines on the map of tourism.

Beauty. Sweet, natural, powerful beauty that defines poetry. A picture that only the mind can preserve.

The Philippine sunset.

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