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Friday, April 18, 2008

Arraial D'ajuda - Bahia, Brazil

Arraial D'ajuda is located near Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia, it´s a rustic and elegant little city, with historical buildings and wonderful beaches.

This city is famous for it´s religious parties, some of the most tradicional are Saint Sebastian(20 January) and Saint Cosme and Saint Damian(September 27).
But the biggest is on August 15, it´s for a saint called Nossa Senhora D'ajuda it attracts thousands, tourists and locals to participate in this celebration.

There are too many beaches to list here but the most visiteds are Araçaí, Apaga Fogo, Canoas, Mucugê, Tororão e Pitinga. You´ll find all kinds of beaches there, even some nudism beaches.

While in the city there are inumerous activities for you, if you are into scuba diving there are operators there, they´ll take you to dive in Abrolhos(one of the most famous diving spot in Brazil). You´ll also find in the city, Lambada Classes and trekking trails.

The right place to be during the night is the "Broduei"(it´s pronounce is exactly like "Broadway"). There you´ll find bars and restaurants all over the street with all kinds of food(and I really mean all kinds, from Acarajé to Sushi) and live music. Besides that you also find there some people selling their handcrafts, a good souvenir to remember this paradise.

Here´s a little description of the most famous beaches. I took it from this site:

Apaga Fogo beach
It is good for swimming, fishing and nautical sports such as kayaks, windsurf and jet ski. The reefs form natural pools at low tides. After the ferryboat crossing,it is the first beach of Arraial d?Ajuda,on the right margin of Buranhém River.

Araçaípe beach
It is across from a private property. The sea is calm and there are natural pools due to the existence of reefs. There are many shells on the sand. A modern water park was built there.

Mucugê beach
It has calm waters with natural pools formed by the reefs. Good for swimming. It has beach kiosks.

Parracho beach
Due to its calm waters, it is very sought after by divers. Tourists can rent nautical equipment in kiosks.

Pitinga beach
One of the most beautiful beaches of Arraial, it has an inlet of strong waves. During the low tide, the tourists can swim in its natural pools. The sand is soft and there are some kiosks. There is a nudism area, on a calmer stretch in the south.

Taípe beach
It is a calm beach, isolated by high cliffs of up to 20 meters in height. Open sea, with big waves, good for fishing. Once it is a desert beach, Taípe is sought after by nudists and by turtles during the spawning season. Four kiosks offer bar and restaurant services, restrooms and a parking area. This beach has access for cars, before the bridge over Taípe River.

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