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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beautiful Beaches of Egypt

Egypt attract lots of the tourist because of its pyramid and beaches. The beaches of Egypt are very beautiful. Egypt is one of the oldest tourist destination on world. The beach vacation of Egypt are really inexpensive in comparision to the European beaches. It is also one of the reason why tourist prefer Egypt Beaches

Egypt has been divided into seven beaches zones they are as follow

  1. Mediterranean beaches in mainline coast from the Suez Canal over to Libya
  2. The Mainland coast south of the Red Sea
  3. The Sinai coast along Gulf of Suez
  4. The southern Sinai region in the Red Sea
  5. The Mainland coast along Gulf of Suez
  6. The Mediterranean beaches along northern Sinai
  7. The Sinai coast along the gulf of Aqaba

. The Beaches of Egypt are either connected with Mediterranean or with the Red Sea. Some of the beaches in Egypt attract vast number of tourist and some of the beaches you can hardly find any people. Alexandaria beaches attract very huge number of tourist in comparision with the other beaches of Egypt. The Facilities around the beach in egypt range from very rudimentary beach camps to the finest imaginable five star hotels, and include the possibility of villa rentals. In general, in the region south of Hurghada, not including Marsa Alam, beach camps and more undeveloped accommodations seem to be more Popular, but then so too are open beaches with little in the way of crowds. On the east, Aqaba part of the Sinai, while Taba and in particular Sharm el-Sheikh are built up areas with fine amenities to choose from, the area in between these two destinations tend to be more camp-like, despite the fact that there are certainly a few fine hotels here and there. These areas, south of Hurghada, tend to be very laid back areas of beach with less proper amusement facilities than the main tourist areas of El Gouna, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba and more, Marsa Alam.

Water activity around Egypt Beaches

The main differences between the beaches around coastal regions in Red Sea and the beaches around the Gulfs and Mediterranean Zones is the availability of Scuba Diving. There is some less scuba diving facilities in just about every beach region around Egypt , Most of the Scuba Diving facilities are located from El-Gouna south along the Red Sea, and around Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai. In fact, perhaps as much as 80% of all Scuba Diving activities originate from the immediate region of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. This is not to say that activities such as snorkeling cannot be found at almost all beach areas. Furthermore, other activities such as windsurfing and skiing, while available in many different locations, seems to be very popular along the mainland Gulf of Suez Zone. At various locations on just about all of the beaches there are other water sports available, such as sail boat rentals and parasailing


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