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Friday, January 9, 2009

Beaches of Panama

Panama Beaches

The favorite pastime of Panamanians and visitors is enjoying the Caribbean and Pacific Beaches. Both coasts have beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand, coral reefs and coconut palm trees. These qualities make places such as Bocas del Toro, Portobelo and the San Blas islands in the Caribbean ideal vacation spots for sun-seekers and scuba divers.

On the other side and only few minutes drive from Panama City, you can find 80 kilometers (50 mi) of Pacific Beaches stretching from Punta Chame to Farallon offering resort hotels, sport facilities, and restaurants for your enjoyment. Sailing enthusiasts can have their fun too in these quiet waters and visit the flower-island of Taboga or the enchanting Pearl Archipelago.
Caribbean Beaches

Pacific Coast Beaches Near Panama City

It is hard to think of any metropolitan city anywhere with so many fine beaches nearby. Along the Pacific Coast just outside Panama City, begin a string of pretty beaches of white sand and sapphire blue waters. This lovely coastal area of Panama is home to two full service resorts, Central America's only beach front golf course, as well as simple beach front cabins, villas and an RV park. Gorgeous million dollar homes dot the coastline- this is preferred location for the vacation homes of Panama's wealthiest families. Getting there is easy- just an hour from Panama City on a modern four lane highway.

The names of the more well known beaches and beach communities are Punta Chame, Gorgona, Coronado, Rio Mar, Santa Clara and Playa Blanca.

The two resorts are the Royal Decameron at Playa Blanca, beautiful all-inclusive resort with 600 rooms, six restaurants and a full gamut of activities and facilities. The Coronado Hotel and Resort is another beautiful five star hotel with an 18 hole seaside golf course designed by Tom Fazio, the only one of its kind in Central America.

Rio Mar is a popular surfing beach year-round. Punta Chame is great for windsurfing certain months of the year.

Miles of lovely, uncrowded beaches, major beach resorts, retirement and vacation communities, golfing, surfing and wind surfing, ocean and river kayaking, RV park, jet skis, and side trips to the ancient volcano crater town El Valle de Anton.

Punta Chames-Farallon

Where is Punta Chame - Farallon Located?
The 80 kilometers. of coast on the Pacific that goes from Punta Chame to Farallon is located between Km 78 and 120 (milestones 48 and 75) on the Pan-American Highway from Panama City.

How to get there
The access to any point on the coast is by road. After about 45 minutes from Panama City, you can start to enjoy of the fresh coastal air of this area.

From first Class Hotels with swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, spa, casinos, to beach cottages, restaurants, recreation centers and handicraft shops.

What to do and where to go
You can find a variety of beaches within easy access from the Pan-American Highway, where you can sail, surf or simply swim. The Beaches of Gorgona, Coronado, San Carlos, El Palmar, Rio Mar, Corona, Sea Cliff, Santa Clara, Playa Blanca, Farallon and Juan Hombron are all very popular year round.

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