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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beaches of Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the center of tourism and trade. Most of the tourists that come to UAE choose to spend their holidays in this emirate and the city of Dubai. The Bay of Dubai is in the heart of the city and it defines its characteristic appearance.
Al Mamzar Beach Park. Located on the border between the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah, the park occupies a huge territory.
It is almost always half empty, despite the magnificent beaches and an abundance of different facilities for sports and recreation.
You can find fabulous green gardens, a large amphitheater, BBQ area, a hall with slot machines, children's playgrounds with slides and swings. There are seven beaches on the territory of the green park.
On weekdays it is quite easy to find a secluded corner with a warm, clean sand, while on Fridays the whole park is full of laughter and loud voices of the locals residents and visitors from India who enjoy their well-deserved holidays.
The beaches are spacious, well equipped with showers and toilets, as well as sun umbrellas made of palm leaves.
Gantut Beach is a fairly long and clean sandy beach, located near the island of Palm Jebel Ali, 4 km from the Hotel Jebel Ali Hotel & Spa.
The water here is crystal clear, calm and quiet and the privacy is guaranteed. The obvious pluses are the showers and shade canopies made of palm branches.
Jumeirah is the most popular beach in Dubai with the sand light like a feather, very white, where you can safely swim, enjoying the warm water and gentle sun. Before you find yourself at Jumeirah Beach Park, you will have to overcome a few hundred meters of landscaped gardens. The park is popular for its convenient platform for a family barbecue, children's play areas, but if you really want to rest alone with nature, try not to get to this beach on a Friday afternoon.
Kite beach located in Umm Suqeim between the sailing club and the fishing village (just behind the Mirage Art Centre). There are no facilities on this beach where happy fathers fly kites with their children, and tanned young ladies enjoy the sun. It is famous for gusty winds and a huge open space, an ideal environment for those who do not accept the laws of gravity and likes to fly.
Abu Dhabi, the capital city stretches along the lifeless sand and parched rivers on the Persian Gulf. This is the largest and richest of the emirates. The city of Abu Dhabi is located on the island and separated from the mainland by a narrow strait which is a city park.
Bahrain is a wonderful island located 40 minutes from the coast of Abu Dhabi. You can get there by a charter boat. The journey becomes an adventure of viewing seven miles of wild white sandy beaches.
Jebel Danat is an uninhabited beach situated 400 kilometers from Dubai with calm clean sea water. Since the beach is only yours it makes sense to think about sun umbrellas. It has shallow water 50 meters from the shore which makes this coast ideal for a holidays with children.

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