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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Huatulco is a paradise of beaches bathed by the Pacific Ocean, its golden, fine sand and clear water, along with the fantastic vegetation surrounding it are very appealing for the tourist. Located in Oaxaca City, in Mexico, comprised of 9 bays with 36 beaches. These bays are under the protection of the Parque Nacional Bahías de Huatulco, the waters are clear with a mild swell.

The bay that most stands out is Bahía de Santa Cruz, which is one of the main ecological reserves, 525 meters long, white sand, soft hills and mild water. Most of the coral reefs are there, it's ideal for diving and snorkeling and every year, the Torneo de Pesca de Pez Vela takes place there. This bay is the basin where the ships take the tourists to visit all the other bays, it even has a pier for cruise ships, and this attracts an impressive amount of tourists. The most important beach is Santa Cruz, which offers everything needed to practice different water activities, like motorboats, jet skis, as well as rent of equipment for snorkeling gear, etc. You can also enjoy other beaches, like La Entrega and Yerba Buena. These three beaches and the tropical ambiance make this area an unmissable paradise.


The hotel infrastructure is in agreement with the tourist flow, because it has many accommodations throughout Huatulco, with different levels and prices. If you prefer 5 star hotels, they are mainly located in Tangolunda.

Huatulco has very good communication routes and a modern international airport, 19 kilometers away from the hotel area. You can also get there by water, because it has a cruise ship port.


A very popular activity here is deep sea fishing. You can do that in a yacht with a specialized crew, or rent a boat. Rock climbing is also a popular activity, because the cliffs of Piedra del Sacrificio are excellent for it.

Other popular activities are mountain biking, hiking, walking, rappelling, shelling, horseback riding, golfing, etc., as well as diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, skiing, kayaking, etc.

Within a great amount of tours offered to the tourist, the one we really recommend is the one in a catamaran around the Huatulco bays, as well as the one to the Cascadas Magicas de Copalitilla (Copalitilla Magic Waterfalls) more than 20 meters high.

Huatulco has a diverse offer of bars and nightclubs in which you can have fun and enjoy typical beverages like mezcal or tequila, dancing to the rhythm of the hottest music.

Besides, in Huatulco is possible to practice the different activities of ecotourism: walks, bird observations, mountain bikes, horse riding and much more.


As in most of the Mexico beaches, the weather is warm sub-tropical, with an average yearly temperature of 28°C, which guarantee sunny days almost all year. From November to May is the dry season, there is barely any precipitation at that time.

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