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Monday, June 11, 2012

Beaches of Anguilla II

North Coast

Little Bay is Anguilla's best kept secret, a tiny quiet beach, fantastic snorkelling... 
You can get there by climbing down the cliff but a better way is to take Carl's water taxi from Crocus Bay. 
Location: Middle of the north coast just east of The Valley. 
Directions: From The Valley take the road to Crocus Bay. Turn right at the old cottage hospital and follow the road up Roachs Hill. Follow the marl road to the cliff edge. But... the best way to get to Little Bay is by boat. Go to Crocus Bay and ask for Carl. 
View: View of the coastline west, Sandy Island and Dog Island. Also the cliff wall that line little bay are magnificent. 
Swimming: The protected bay has calm clear water and falls off gradually for easy access. Swimming is a pleasure here. 
Snorkeling: Snorkel along the cliff walls around little bay in both directions. The fish community is very active along the north cliff wall and you may see the same fish year after year. 
Privacy: Because it is such a popular destination, sailboats often moor right off shore and spend the day. The beach is seldom crowded because it is difficult to reach except by boat. 
Hiking: Along the cliff wall if you drive there from The Valley. 

Crocus Bay is a short drive from The Valley,with magnificent cliffs and view of Anguilla's off-shore cays. Often overlooked, this beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. Get in the water at Crocus Bay and swim all the way to Little Bay. The swim is easy, the water is shallow and is full of reef fish and coral. There is a small beach only accessable by water between Crocus and Little Bay. Here's a thought...go in the morning, snorkel to Little Bay, arrange with Calvin's Little Bay Boat Service to pick you up and carry you back. 
Directions: From The Valley take the road to Crocus Bay and follow it down to the beach. Parking right on the beach and along the road. 
Swimming/Snorkeling: Good as the water is generally calm. 
Beach Rentals: Calvin's Little Bay Boat Service will take you to Little Bay when you want to go and return when you are ready to go home. 
Accommodation: A small duplex rental house. 
Commercial:Anguilla's desal water plant is located at Crocus beach. Construction on beach currently. 
Boat Access:Small local fishing boats and leisure sailboats often moor offshore. 
Features:Walk to the western end and search through the fallen cliff face for fossils of marine life. The water right offshore is home to large star fish.

Katouche Bay is a tiny beach is at the bottom of Anguilla's only "rain forest". 
Take the nature walk through Katouche Valley and end up at the beach. Or drive from Crocus Hill to Masara and walk down the easy way. 
Directions: From the Valley take the road to Crocus Hill and turn left before going down to Crocus Bay. Follow the road onto the marl road and continue along the hill side to Masarra Resort. Park at the bottom of the hill and walk along the path to the beach west of the resort. 
Swimming:Strong swimmers only! 
Accommodation: Masarra Resort 
Privacy:Since this beach is not good for swimming or snorkeling is it usually empty. 
Hiking: The best spot on the island for hiking. There are several trails through the forest that lead up to the top of the hill and to Iguana Cave. Wear hiking boots and long pants. 

Road Bay and the village of Sandy Ground is Anguilla's main port for ships and also nighttime activites. The long curved beach is lined with high cliffs and a salt pond behind. The harbour is usually filled with all types of fishing boats and pleasure boats. It is also the best place to find a boat ride to Sandy Island or Prickley Pear Cay. You have everything on Sandy Ground beach, great restaurant, entertainment and even a small grocery store. Want to stay right on the beach? Try here! Annual boat races are also held on Sandy Ground beach. It's a great party. 
Directions:From the airport turn left and take road West to the traffic circle. Down the hill to village. Parking all along the road to beach. 
Swimming:Quiet beach to swim. Freighters, sailboats and local fishing boats moored there. 
Restaurants:Roys' Barrel Stay, Swing Low, Ripples, Johnno's, Pumphouse 
Beach Rentals:Rental of fishing boats, tour boats to Sandy Island, Prickily Pear and other offshore islands. 
Accommodation:Small rental apartments 
Shade:Bring your own chairs and umbrella. 
Commercial:Yes, commercial pier and customs. Small well stocked grocery store. Anguilla Royal Police station and Immigration on beach.

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