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Monday, July 2, 2012

Best Beaches In America | Culebra Beach, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the place where Caribbean peace is combined with the American modernity. Here you can find the best beaches in the world. The result is a unique cultural diversity and color.
Modern restaurants located near the Spanish fortresses from the XV century, malls built in the heart of tropical forests that exceed the limits of any mind, huge casinos dominating the beaches, caves and coral reefs, all underline the essence of the island of Puerto Rico. Visitors witch are looking for adventure will not miss the opportunity to visit Mona Island, a wilderness treasure. It’s a pleasure getting lost in the rain forest Bosque Estate Charity, in the mountains of central island or Culebra island or Vieques Island.
In Viejo San Juan, you can find find the oldest colonial settlement in America, very well preserved over time.
On the south coast, in Ponce, museums and Spanish colonial buildings combined with a nightlife that is rattling the city of salsa and reggae rhythms, provides an ideal atmosphere for those who opt for a holiday in this wonderful country.

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Most of the island is burdened by poverty, but Puerto Rico has  418km of sandy beach, the third biggest caves system in the world, the largest radio telescope in the world, which send signals non-stop into space and the only tropical forest in the U.S. forest system. There are a number reservations with protected species of animals and plants, unique on island. Culture that combines multiple inheritance, you can hear the infectious rhythms of the island and the alert  of the nightlife. Latin rhythms merged with West African percussion, swing and jazz band music to create a perfect background music for this multicultural country.

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