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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Best Beaches In America | Saint Bart’s island

Saint Bart’s island, which stretches over a length of 13 km, hosts 20 beautiful and isolated beaches, which loan from elegant French , and the relief afforded by an island. Saint Bart’s, located near Puerto Rico, is an exclusive place where you can relax, you can shop, you can ride a luxury yacht, or you can meet your favorite star, as it is a place frequented by public figures.

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Saint Barthelemy, as it is called in French, St. Barts island, how Americans call it, has become the preferred destination for celebrities. Because of heavenly landscape, the island is often used for pictorials in swimsuits. In Saint Bart’s island have been made ​​several photo shoots for Sports Illustrated, Playboy and Victoria’s Secret.
Long island was considered a place for the rich and famous, known for beautiful beaches, chic restaurants and designer shops. Saint Bart’s island attract many paparazzi who harass celebrities not only in their private villas, but also on the beach.

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