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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Best Beaches In Asia | The Maldives

This place can’t miss the BEST BEACHES IN THE WORLD. The only description that would fit for this exotic group of  islands, each with its own coral reef, amazing modified by the hand of nature , floating in the idyllic Indian Ocean,  is “Heaven on Earth”. .
THE MALDIVES, one of the Best Beaches In The World makes you think to paradise with its white sandy beaches with its turquoise lagoons, coral reefs, with amazing reservations , with splendid mosaic of multicolored fish,  with spectacular sunsets,  is really a wonderful choice for aholiday. That’s why I included The Maldives in top beaches in the world.
“Man is a guest in this paradise” said the famous explorer Cousteau because the conservation of the nature and the tranquility still define one of the most precious places on earth: The Maldives.

Here you can meet wild islands, undisturbed by the human presence or lush resorts,  where everything is designed and made to delight, from modern villas on the beach and water bungalows, where you can descend directly into the garden of coral, to spa sites in each resort, where you can totally relax, away from noise, agitation and stress.

There are days when you do not meet anyone on theisland,  peace is at its home,  is a romantic destination where you can relax you and your love.
In terms of entertainment, all resorts offer opportunities for many activities.  You can do surfing, diving, water skiing, swimming, snorkeling and of course fishing. The pools are great if you want to try, but I don’t  believe you’ll resist the temptation to delight in the turquoise pool  formed by the ocean in Laguna. You can enjoy sauna, exotic massages and beauty treatments, in many spas on the islands . The procedures performed here, based on the beneficial effects of algae and native plants, combined with Asian massage techniques are amazing.
Snorkeling will give you an unforgettable underwater world.  It is a great way to explore the beauty of marine life, fascinating world of coral and underwater living things.

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