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Friday, May 23, 2008

Beaches of Cyprus

Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus is renowned for its fine beaches. They are the #1 reason why tourists visit the island, and so are vital to the tourist economy of Cyprus. As of 2005, forty-eight beaches on the island fly the EU Blue Flag - a demonstration of just how special the beaches on Cyprus really are.

Paphos District
There are 11 blue flag beaches in the district of Paphos. These are Alykes, Polis Camping Site, Coral Bay, Faros, Geroskipou, Laourou, Municipal Baths, Municipal Beach, Pachyammos, Vrysoudia A and Vrysoudia B. All beaches offer clean and beautiful sands on which to play and sunbathe. Coral Bay in the Peyia municipality is a great beach for kids as the sands slope into the sea at a very shallow angle.

Limassol District
The Limassol district to the east of Paphos also has 11 blue flag beaches. These are Akti Olympion, Aoratoi, Aphrodite, Armonia, Castella, Kalymnos, Loures, Onisilos, Pissouri, Santa Barbara and Vouppa. The beaches of Santa Barbara and Loures are the most popular of the 11 beaches. Aphrodite beach is well worth a visit too, if only to view Aphrodite's Rock - a place from where legend tells that the Goddess of Love herself rose out of the sea.

Larnaca District
Larnaca district has only 4 blue flag beaches. These are Castella, McKenzie, Phinikoudes and Yanathes. Phinikoudes beach is the main beach that fronts the promenade. It is a long beach and is often quite busy being so close to the town. McKenzie beach on the outskirts of Larnaca town is a much quieter beach and can be reached by public transport or hire car.

Ayia Napa District
The district of Ayia Napa contains the remaining blue flag beaches. These are Ammos tou kampouri, Ayia Thekla, Gliki Nero, Katsarga, Kermia, Konnos Bay, Landa, Louko tou Mandi, Louma, Macronissos, Nissi, Nissi Bay, Nissia Loumbardi, Pantahou, Pernera P, Pernera A, Potami, Protaras, Vathia Gonia, Vrisi A, Vrisi B and Vrisi C. Nissi Beach and Macronissos Beach are both popular with the partying crowds of Ayia Napa. At the opposite end of the spectrum Konnos Bay offers peace and tranquillity in abundance.

Tourist Info

You can get to Cyprus by either plane or boat. There are frequent scheduled and charter flights out of England and other European countries to Cyprus. Due to the fact that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is not recognized as a valid state, it is necessary to make a stopover in Turkey when flying to your holiday destination airport of Ercan. How to visit Cyprus is explained in more detail.

Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate, warm and dry with little rainfall, which makes Cyprus very popular as tourist destination.

The official languages are Greek and Turkish although English is widely spoken and understood on both sides.

There are many things to know before visiting Cyprus, such as visa requirements.

Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation in all areas of the island. There is accommodation to suit all budgets ranging from luxury hotels to camping. There are hotels, holiday villages and villas and apartments to rent.

When visiting Cyprus car hire is recommended, especially if you want to explore a lot of Cyprus. There are many rent - a car companies. All offer a range of vehicles to rent at competitive prices.

Cyprus has lots to offer for interest tourism. There are various recreation and sports activities available such as diving, carting and golfing. There are many casinos, and for those of you who prefer the out doors there's bird watching, turtle watching and hiking.

Cyprus Visa Requirements

After political changes in Europe for the past couple of years now, and accession of the Republic of Cyprus (South Cyprus) into the European Union dating 1 May 2004, regulations for entry to the Cyprus Island are becoming less strict. However, for some countries limited options still exist. Turkey residents can visit North Cyprus, but South Cyprus is for them literally inaccessible (unless they marry a Turkish Cypriot).

Visa Requirements for North Cyprus

The citizens of European Union nations, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Australia and New Zealand do not require visa to enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. All other nationals should check their position with regard to passports and visa with the nearest Embassy or Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus . Foreign country visitors have their passports stamped at the arrival checkpoints of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which are only legal ports - Ercan airport (or military airports for military purposes), Famagusta and Kyrenia seaport and when entering North Cyprus via South Cyprus your passport is stamped at border checkpoints. If you travel from North Cyprus to South Cyprus , visa form needs to be completed and stamped at the border checkpoints. This paper visa form is loosely inserted into the passport and stamped either you depart or arrive in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Residency and Work Permit

After arriving in the TRNC (the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus ) you can stay for up to 3 months which is provided by your tourist visa. If you consider prolonging your stay, you need to apply for a residency permit at local Immigration Office which allows you to reside in Northern Cyprus . Your work permit should be issued prior to arrival in North Cyprus.

For further information about North Cyprus and regarding visa requirements, please contact the nearest North Cyprus Embassy or Representative Office abroad.

Visa Requirements for South Cyprus

The legal ports of entry into the Republic of Cyprus are the airports of Larnaca and Paphos and the seaports of Larnaca, Limassol, Latsi and Paphos. If you travel to South Cyprus via North Cyprus then you have to cross the border checkpoints and have your visa paper form stamped upon departure from Northern Cyprus . Turkish mainland citizens are not allowed to enter South Cyprus . For those intending to be employed in the Republic of Cyprus the issue of an employment permit by the Migration officer and all the necessary documents are required prior to departure for South Cyprus . Visa requirements for entry to the Republic of Cyprus vary, but as of latest they remain as follows.


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