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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sanya, China

Called the Hawaii of Asia, Sanya is a popular tourist destination located in the southern tip of the Chinese tropical island of Hainan. Located in Sanya, the Yalong Bay and the neighbouring Sanya Bay and Da Dong Hai Resort are regarded as the best beach in China. Enjoying the same latitude and similar weather conditions as Hawaii, the Sanya Beach in recent years has been the main attraction.
The water is clear, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds in it. Playing in the water with the tropical fish swimming around, swimmers can fully relax themselves. In order to protect the marine resource and environment, commercial fishing is forbidden here. With a long coastline and a tropical temperature throughout the year, this is a perfect resort to relax - and enjoy the sun, sea, sand, coconut trees, diving etc.

Sanya City is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island and to the east of Vietnam. Sanya City is the second largest city on Hainan Island covering an area of 1.919 sq. m with a population of 481,200 and having 19 bays and over 40 islets lying along a 209 kilometers coast line.
Hainan is often called the “the Hawaii of the East". In the distant past, the Chinese considered Hainan to be the place where the civilized world officially ended and a place fit only for convicts. Today Hainan is visited by many foreign and Chinese tourists. It is China's idyllic island paradise!

Sanya has many airlines & Sea routes based at the Phoenix Airport and Sanya Port respectively. It is only one hour flight from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, 2.5 hours flight from Shanghai, 3.5 hours flights from Beijing and 5 hours flight from Japan and Korea. Most tourists who come to Hainan China skip the commercialized capital of Haikou and make a beeline straight for Sanya China, the seaside city where all the good things about Hainan come together. Sanya is well known for its wonderful sunshine, white sandy beaches, fresh air and clear water all year round. It is the largest diving destination in the world as well as the most important destination for golf and meetings in China.
Sanya boasts the best air quality in China and ranks second in the world, next to Hawaii. Sanya Hainan has endless summer with an average temperature of 26°C. It is considered to be the most suitable city for people to live in.
As South China Sea laps the island's sandy shores, in Sanya Hainan, travelers will find three distinct bays: Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay and Sanya Bay. Yalong Bay offers the world-class hotels and resorts; Dadonghai beach area is brimming with local life. Sanya Bay is a relatively undiscovered tropical destination.
Through it's enticing to spend all your Sanya time sunbathing on the beach, the vicinity offers several interesting places. Sanya is noted for its mountains and hot spring and multi-ethnic culture. Sanya has blue sky, nice beachs, azure sea, and beautiful scenery to offer in the world.
Yalong Bay Sea Shell Museum, covering an area of over 3,000 square metres,
is located at Central Square of Yalong Bay National Resort. It is the first comprehensive sea shell museum in China, merging the shellfish and shell product display into an integral whole.

Yalong Bay Central Square is located at the center of the Yalong Bay National Resort. It covers an area of 7,100 square metres. The intensively landscaped Yalong Bay Central Square is the focal point of the resort along with reception area, restaurants, shopping arcade and public beach facilities.

Butterfly Park is located behind the Longtan Lakes of Yalong Bay, covers a total area of 1.5 hectares. It is a natural garden style tourist and scenic spot merging the popular science, butterfies admiring and shopping amenities.
The large-scale exhibition hall occupying a floor space of over 3000 sq.m. with more than 500 kinds of specimens of butterflies on show, displays to visitors the wonderful insect world.

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