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Friday, October 22, 2010

Acapulco Beaches, Mexico

On the Pacific Coast, 395 kilometers away from Mexico City, in the Guerrero State, is Acapulco. It's a city and port on the Santa Lucía Bay, and one of the main tourist destinations of the globe. It's divided into three zones: Traditional, Dorado and Diamante. This last one offers the greatest tourist development, with an infrastructure to the service of the most demanding tourists

Acapulco is one of the most important and famous beaches of Mexico. In the traditional Acapulco are La Caleta and La Caletilla beaches, with clear and tranquil waters to swim and dive. At Playa Caleta there's an important aquarium with a good variety of exotic fish, seals and crocodiles, among many other species, an ocean museum, an aviary, and a beach club. Two unmissable places also in Acapulco are La Roqueta Island and La Quebrada Island. La Roqueta is a paradisiac island in which everything's possible, located in front of the La Caleta and Caletilla beaches, and is accessible on a motorboat or any small boat. La Quebrada is an impressive cliff where you could, if you dare, go bungee jumping or parachute jumping, as well as admire the amazing landscape.

The impressive tourist infrastructure is formed by numerous hotels, villas, beach resorts, spas and big hotel chains.
Acapulco has a modern international airport, 26 kilometers from the center of the city, and it welcomes thousands of travellers from the main cities of the country and abroad. From the Mexico City airport, the flight lasts 35 minutes.

The natural beauty of Acapulco turns it into a tropical paradise in which spectacular is the word, day or night. It is with no doubt one of the biggest fun centers of Mexico, its got a big city pace, and besides using the beach during the day you can have all the fun the big cities offer at night. This is a magical place in which you can find relax and have fun at any time. An endless variety of bars and nightclubs will provide fun for every taste and age until dawn. The heart of Acapulco is the Costera Miguel Alemán, its main avenue.

Acapulco also has many centuries of history and culture, love and pirate stories linger: be sure to visit the San Diego Fortress, which was built in the XVIII Century to protect the city from piracy attacks.
The fun at sea is absolute. Everything can be done here, with the different kinds of water, from calm to a strong swell, offering a world of possibilities to choose and practice the sport you please: jet ski, water ski, windsurf, sailing, snorkeling or bungee jumping from 50 meters high; or if you prefer enjoy the party ambiance on the beaches.
Very near Acapulco, you can visit Pie de la Cuesta, famous for its sunsets; Puerto Marqués, a beautiful bay, or Barra Vieja, where exquisite seafood plates are served in the traditional restaurants.

Acapulco has a warm-humid weather, its days are sunny most of the year and the temperature averages 33ºC and 22°C.

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Madison said...

One of the things about Acapulco that I most liked was the color of the water. Cristal clear. I can't explain it, you have to see it for yourself. I had a great time there, and hopefully will return this year to practice some surfing. The waves are quite big and riding them is a lot of fun!
Madison Compton - Transfers in Vallarta

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