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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beaches of Anguilla IV

South Coast

Windward Point is rugged wilderness. Wear hiking boots and explore the eastern tip of the island. Climb the rock at the end of Anguilla and get an excellent view of Scrub Island. This area is at present completely desolate...take a buddy. 
Directions:Take the road to Junks Hole Bay and keep going east. The road is very rocky and requires a jeep. After Captains Bay there are no houses. 
View:At the very end of the island is a rock formation where the light for passing boats is situated. Climb to the top to view a large part of Anguilla, St. Martin, St. Barths and Scrub Island. 
No swimming or snorkeling 
Commercial:There is a sand excavation operation at the end of the island behind the beach. 

Savannah Bay
 on the eastern end of the island is a long sweeping cresent beach backed by sand dunes. At present this beach has one beach bar and an occasional small fishing boat. 
Directions:From airport head east through The Quarter on to Long Path Road around the Sandy Hill Roundabout towards East End Village. Follow main road to sign for Palm Grove Restaurant. Turn right and continue down dirt road to restaurant. 
Swimming and snorkeling 
Restaurants:Palm Grove open for lunch. 
Features:Good shelling and long walk. 

Mimi Bay 
is isolated rugged and not a great place for swimming,but perfect for shelling and hiking. Take a buddy. 
Directions:From The Valley take Long Path Road to East End Village. Turn right just past the Public tennis courts and take the first left on the marl road. Follow the marl road all the way to the coast and the beach. Caution: The road to Mimi Bay is very rocky and requires a jeep for safe passage. 
Alternative route: Go to Sile Bay and walk along the sea rocks to Mimi Bay. 
View:Sint Maarten and St. Barths and on clear days the islands to the south including Statia and St. Kitts. 
No swimming or snorkeling 
Hiking: Excellent, be sure to bring hiking shoes and long pants. 

Sandy Hill Bay
 is a cresent of sand on a protected bay and a pleasant place to sun and swim. A favorite beach of the local population. A number of villas, some rental villas line the hills around this beach. 
Directions:From airport take Long Path Road to dirt road just before Sandy Hill Roundabout. About 3 miles from The Valley. Go south towards the sea and park car on the marl road. 
Good swimming and snorkeling 
Accommodation:Several villas dot the cliff around the beach and are within easy walking distance. 
Boat Access:Small fishing boats and private boats often moor here 

Beach Chairs at Bird the Paradise

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