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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beaches of Anguilla V

South Coast

Forest Bay has very shallow water and a great view. Popular restaurant Straw Hat is located at the eastern end of this beach. Several rental villas are on the western end. This is one of the few beaches on Anguilla that has private rental villas right on the beach. 
Directions:From airport take road around back of airport following signs to Straw Hat Restaurant. 
Major construction going on currently. 
Swimming:Although rather shallow at the waters edge, there is good clear water right off shore. 
Snorkeling:Good snorkeling opportunities along the lower areas of the bay. Water fairly shallow and very clear. Near Straw Hat Restaurant is an area of large coral formations and a good size fish population. 
Boat Access:Small fishing boats moor around the peir at Straw Hat. 

Elsie Bay
 is a tiny jewel and has some unusual snorkeling opportunities. Several rental villas are within walking distance of this beach. 
Directions:Take the road west from the airport for about 1 mile. Turn left at the George Hill road to Little Harbour. Follow the road for about 1 mile and turn left just as you reach the marl road. Follow this road until you see Little Harbour and turn left again. Follow this road to Elsie Bay. It is difficult to find but worth the trip. 
Swimming:Good for swimming for a short distance before coral formations begin. 
Snorkeling:Experienced snorkelers will enjoy the coral formations close to the shore of this beach. Fairly well protected with very little wave action. 

Little Harbour
 is protected on all sides, this beach has no waves and is good for swimming and boating. 
Directions:From airport take main road to left about 1 mile. Turn left at first left and follow road to the right to Enclave Boutique Resort. 
View:St. Barts, St. Martin, Caribbean Sea. 
Swimming:Good swimming. Very calm. 

Blowing Point is the ferry port for Anguilla, this strip of beach has a very selcuded area to the west of the ferry that is wonderful for beach picnics and swimming. The area also has several rental villas and restaurant. 
Directions:From airport go left on main road approximately 3 miles. Turn left (South) to Ferry Boat about 2 miles. Park on road. Walk to beach. 
View:St. Martin and Caribbean Sea 
Swimming:Good swimming 
Restaurants:Ferry Boat Inn right on the beach. Lunch and dinner. Big Jim BBQ 
Commercial:Ferry Boat to St. Martin. 

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