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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beaches of Anguilla VI

South Coast

Rendezvous Bay is a mile long stretch of sand with calm clear water and the perfect view. Several resorts, a few rental villas and restaurants line this beach. 
Directions:Take the road west from the airport. Follow the road approximately 3.5 miles to the Great House road sign on the left. Follow the road directly to the beach. Parking next to the hotel and along the road. 
Swimming:Good for swimming, water generally calm with no reef. 
Snorkeling:On the eastern end near Rendezvous Bay is a small area of coral rock. 
Water Sports:All hotels have water sport equipment. 
Restaurants:Hotel restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Bankie Banks Dune Preserve has lunch and dinner and music. 
Beach Rentals:Great House Hotel has beach chairs and umbrellas for rent. 
Accommodation:Starting at the eastern end, Rendezvous Bay Hotel, Great House and CuisinArt Resort and Spa 
Shade: No shade, bring an umbrella. 
Boat Access: Leisure boats and water sport sail boats cruise this bay. 
Features:Home of Moonsplash at The Dune Preserve 

Merrywing Bay is now completely surrounded by the golf course. 

Cove Bay is lined with sand dunes and a gentle cresent beach. One restaurant sits on the eastern end of the beach and a public jetty. 
Restaurant: Smokey's 
Directions:Take the road west from the airport approximately 4.5 miles. Turn left at the Sonesta Beach Resort sign on the main road and follow the road directly to the beach. Parking around the beach. 
View:St. Martin and Saba 
Accommodation:Paradise Cove, Cap Juluca within walking distance from the beach. 
Privacy:This beach is often completely empty on the western end. 

Maunday's Bay Beach is completely surrounded by Cap Juluca Resort.To reach this beach you must go through the resort. 
Directions:Take the road west from the airport for appoximately 5 miles. Turn left at the Cap Juluca road sign and follow the road to the beach. 
Restaurants:Hotel has 3 restaurants. 

BlackBerry Wallpaper > Cap Juluca, Maunday's Bay, Anguilla, Caribbean

Shoal Bay West is a pleasant curve of sand with relatively calm waters for swimming. 
The view of St. Martin and Saba from this beach make it an enjoyable place to sunbath. The beach is dotted with upscale resorts and 2 restaurants. 
Public Access to Shoal Bay West 
Between Cove Castles and the next villa on the western end. 
Right next to Altamer on the eastern end. 
Restaurants:Cove Castles, Trattoria Tramonto 
Accommodation:Cove Castles,African Sapphire,Brazillian Emerald,Russian Amethyst,Blue Waters 
Directions:From airport take main road West for approximately 7 miles. 
View:View of St. Martin, Anguillita Island and Caribbean Sea. 

Covecastles - Anguilla

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